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our history

At Jansen Costa Cálida, our history is a testament to passion and commitment, spanning two generations. As Germans who have been in Spain for 30 years, we have fused our culture with experience, establishing a family tradition of exceptional service in the real estate sector. Our history reflects our dedication to providing superior real estate solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction.

about us


Mike Jansen, CEO of Jansen Costa Cálida, has over a decade of experience in the commercial sector, Mike brings deep knowledge and a solid approach to meeting the needs of our clients.

He natively speaks German, English and Spanish, making it easy to communicate and understand the needs of a diverse clientele.

Outside of work, Mike is a passionate airplane pilot, enjoying the skies in his spare time. His love of travel is also reflected in her enthusiasm for helping people find the perfect home. With his energy and dedication, Mike is a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Sales Representative

Ann-Kathrin Jansen brings a truly international approach to our team at Jansen Costa Cálida. Her previous experience as a flight attendant has allowed her to travel around the world and master three languages: German, English and Spanish.

This extensive experience in communication and understanding of diverse cultures makes her an exceptional sales agent. Ann-Kathrin has the unique ability to quickly grasp the needs of families seeking housing, making it easy for our clients to find the perfect home. Their commitment and passion for customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Property management

With more than 40 years of dedication to the real estate sector, Conny Jansen is a fundamental pillar at Jansen Costa Cálida. His experience is irreplaceable, standing out in property management in all its aspects.

Fluent in English and German, Conny provides a complete service to our clients, allowing them to forget about worries related to their home and focus on fully enjoying their stay there. His commitment to excellence has made Conny an unparalleled resource for our clients and our company.


Our Values


Our fundamental pillar, building solid and lasting relationships with you.


Our fundamental pillar, building solid and lasting relationships with you.



Experts in the sector, guaranteeing exceptional and worry-free results.


We simplify complex processes so you enjoy a hassle-free experience.