Cabo Roig (Alicante)
4 Rooms
5 Toilets
Price: 1.999.000€




Magnificent luxury villa in Cabo Roig just 400 m from the sea of the Costa Blanca.

Step into a world of opulence and sophistication as we delve into it.
interior of a magnificent mansion.

With four exquisitely designed bedrooms, five luxurious bathrooms, a sparkling pool, sundeck, laundry area and spacious open concept living space, this residence redefines luxury living.
Meticulously crafted with the latest trends and premium materials, every detail of this mansion is an embodiment of elegance and style.
At the heart of ULTIMATE LUXURY VILLA is a spacious open concept living space spanning 94 square meters. The latest trends in interior design are adopted, showing an airy and fluid design.
High ceilings, large windows and skylights flood the space with natural light, creating a cozy atmosphere. Premium materials such as porcelain floors, custom cabinets, and state-of-the-art appliances adorn the open kitchen, further elevating the living experience.
The four bedrooms of this stunning villa epitomize comfort and tranquility.

Each room is spacious with large windows. The harmonious mix of neutral tones and vibrant accents creates a welcoming atmosphere.
The five bathrooms in this mansion are a sanctuary of relaxation.
With sleek marble countertops, designer fixtures and modern fixtures, they offer a spa-like experience. enhance the environment by providing a haven for rejuvenation and self-care.
Premium materials guarantee a touch of luxury.

A 27-square-meter pool graces the outdoor area and serves as a focal point. Surrounding the pool, a carefully landscaped oasis creates a serene atmosphere, with a huge barbecue area and elegant seating areas for gatherings and relaxation.
The use of top quality materials guarantees durability and attractive aesthetics that integrate perfectly with the overall design.

Personalized advisory service in design, decoration and interior design, for the distribution of space and furniture that best optimizes your rooms.
Selection and purchase of custom furniture, curtains, decoration, home linens and kitchenware. Preparation of floor plans, computer.
Graphics, elevations, etc. Individualized search for materials and lighting that best suits your needs.

ULTIMATE LUXURY VILLA is a testament to the harmonious union of exquisite design, opulent comfort and incomparable quality, offering its residents a paradise of sophistication and whimsy at the highest level.

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